25 August 2021

Jenny ‘s degree has been approved!

Many congratulations to Dr. Jenny Larsson ! Jenny’s PhD thesis untitled “Understanding the evolution of shell shape in snails” has just been approved.

April 2021

New publication from the team !

New paper by Eva Koch and collaborators published in Evolution Letters.


Title: Genetic variation for adaptive traits is associated with polymorphic inversions in Littorina saxatilis




Summary: Chromosomal inversion polymorphisms, segments of chromosomes that are flipped in orientation and occur in reversed order in some individuals, have long been recognized to play an important role in local adaptation. They can reduce recombination in heterozygous individuals and thus help to maintain sets of locally adapted alleles. However, getting a full understanding of the importance of inversions for adaptation requires confirmation of their influence on traits under divergent selection. Here, we studied Littorina saxatilis that has evolved ecotypes adapted to wave exposure or crab predation, which occur in close proximity on different parts of the shore. They exhibit strong phenotypic divergence in several traits under habitat-specific selection, including size, shape and behaviour despite ongoing gene flow between them. We used lab-reared crosses between these ecotypes to identify genomic regions that explain variation in these traits. We could show that previously detected inversion regions contribute to adaptive divergence but we also identified regions without known inversions. Thus, we provide a more complete overview of the importance of inversions for local adaptation in relation to the remaining genome.

April 2021

Postdoc position on Littorina temperature adaptation !

31 March 2021

Jenny passed her viva with minor corrections!

Many congratulations to Jenny Larsson, who has defended her PhD thesis on Understanding the evolution of shell shape in snails on 31 March 2021. The opponent was Professor Chris Klingenberg, from the University of Manchester and the internal examiner was Dr Chris Cooney, from the University of Sheffield.

1 March 2021

Samuel has successfully defended his PhD thesis!

Many congratulations to Samuel Perini, who has completed his PhD thesis on Reproductive Isolation at Contact Zones on 26 Feb 2021. The opponent was Professor Anna Qvarnström, from the Department of Ecology and Genetics at Uppsala University.

6 February 2021

Samuel has submitted his PhD thesis!

Many congratulations to Samuel Perini, who has submitted his PhD thesis on Reproductive Isolation at Contact Zones. His work covers a wide range of topics, including hybrid zones, sexual selection and phenotypic plasticity. Samuel’s defense will happen online on 26 Feb – if you would like to join the event please register here.

6 February 2021

Exciting Special Issues

Rui Faria, Sean Stankowski and Kerstin Johannesson have guest-edited a Special Issue on Speciation in Marine Environments in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, which also features Littorina!

Francesca Raffini is currently guest-editing a SI on biological endemism – abstracts for contributions can still be submitted until June 2021. 

27 January 2021

Popular science article about our new temperature adaptation project

Find an article about our new project in Norway, funded by the Research Council of Norway, here!

02 December 2020

Check out Sinus, the weird snail!

Sinus was the first snail with the “wrong” coil direction we have ever found, despite dissecting thousands (or maybe millions?) of snails.


02 December 2020

Welcome to the new Littorina team website!

On this site both researchers and the general public will find (hopefully) interesting information on our research, our team, evolution, genomics, and snails! We hope you enjoy your visit.